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email: contact: Terry Dake        direct phone number: 317.627.9588
MISSION: This site is to inform you of different Hubler computer systems information. Information available will be standard PC maintenance, email set up instructions (for Outlook, Outlook Express, web based and SmartPhones), upcoming updates, and other important information. If here for the first time please scroll down and take a look at all items. OR, click on a link below in "Select A Topic Below".
Email: on your SmartPhone
Email: New Account Settings, How To Use
Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Upgrade
How To Perform General PC Maintenance
Computer Problem? Contact IT
Backup! Backup! Backup! Protect your data!
Windows 10 upgrade - please hold off for now
Email: SPAM and VIRUSES!
Microsoft Office 2003 can't open 2007 document
Leave your PC on at night or power off?
How to set Windows to automatically run updates
PC Running Slow? Maybe You Need To Add Memory
                            use the below links if you are new to the email system
Outlook Express email setup
Outlook Express Email Setup. Full instructions on how to set up email on your PC using Outlook Express.
Outlook (Office) email setup
Outlook (Office) Email Setup. Full instructions on how to set up email on your PC using Outlook (MS Office).
web based email access
Web based email - how to use.
open your browse and enter
enter your full email address for the user name
enter your password
SmartPhone email setup.

The link instructions below are supplied by GoDaddy/IRIST/ as they are our email vendor.
In each of the instructions below it says "Before You Start do 1,2,3". You can skip those three steps as the incoming mail server is and outgoing mail server is
Some of the instructions have a "Show Me screen-by-screen" link button that will show each screen of your phone during setup. Use it if you want to. I think it is a great tool.
See special iphone notes in yellow to the right.
Android SmartPhones
Blackberry SmartPhones
iPhone SmartPhones
Palm Pre SmartPhones



All phones are different on how to set up to receive email, but they require the same information. Just open to the left your phone's setup instructions.
The quick setup for your SmartPhone (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm Pre, etc) is to use the phone's default settings for the ports, account type is POP/POP3, set the account name to your full email address, set incoming mail server to and outgoing mail server to, do NOT use SSL. Some phones will prompt "can not set up with SSL, continue anyway?" which would be a "YES" or "continue" because you do not want to use SSL.
These settings work with your cellular phone carrier's 3G/4G network and may not on our wireless network. If you are wanting to use the Hubler wireless network connections then contact me for outgoing mail settings but it will work best for you if you stay on your carrier's 3G/4G network.
I have had users tell me, especially on the iphone, that to get it to work they had to delete the account and start over again. If you continue to have a problem setting it up contact your cellular carrier.
NOTE: iphone 4s and later models additional instructions.
incoming mail port use 995 with SSL "on".
outgoing mail port use 25 with SSL "off".
in "optional" be sure to enter your full email address and password again.
ALSO....check out this page from other Hubler people with iphones
      comments and screen shot examples for iphone.
click here for a YouTube set up instructional video for iphones.
email: SPAM and VIRUSES! if you do not want to receive spam or dangerous emails (none of us do) please do not use your DriveHubler email account out on the web for non-work related business. The more places you use your DriveHubler email address at on the web then the danger increases for spam and dangerous emails. If you receive emails with attachments, and not sure who it is from, be careful about opening it. Even if it is from someone you know, and are not expecting an email with attachments, be careful about opening it.
Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10: at this time please do not upgrade any Hubler Group computers to Windows 10. The upgrade is free from Microsoft until July 2016 so there is no rush needed.
One example is that General Motors says (still, as of December 2015) in it's IT info bulletin not to upgrade to Windows 10 yet. Not sure about the other manufacturers

Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer

Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer: Really, no contest. Chrome wins! Faster, more stable, easier to use (tabs, etc).
Still, sometimes you just have to use Internet Explorer. One example is GM says to use IE9 (still, as of December 2015) especially for service tech computers. In this example of GM Global Connect I know many use both Chrome and IE especially in sales department. Chrome for most of GM Global Connect and IE where required.
If your computer does not have Google Chrome installed, and you would like to use it, then click install Google Chrome, click "download now", click run, agree to license, uncheck box to make Chrome your default browser (for now). Please note after the install, on the page showing, click "no thanks" so not to have to bother with signing up for a Google account. Also, first time you open Chrome it will ask you if you want to set Chrome as your default browser. Up to you. Does not matter except to you.
Internet Explorer Upgrade

Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) or 11 (IE11): If you are using a Windows XP computer then you are stuck with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) on your PC. Vista Business computers can have Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) but nothing newer.
To get to Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11 you must be running Windows 7. Please check with any special software you are using to make sure it is compatible with the one you plan on installing. Then, on Windows 7, click start, all programs, Windows update. Click "check for updates". After it's search then click on optional updates and select which IE version you want to install.
MS Office 2003 vs 2007 and later (PDF)
MS Word version to use active links

MS Office 2003 vs 2007 and later. You may be receiving some email attachments that have an extension docx which means it is a document created by Microsoft Office 2007 or later. Office 2003, which we use, can not open this type unless you have performed a Microsoft Office update. Please click on this link to the left for full instructions to update your Office 2003 software to read docx format. Clickable update links are in the MS Word version to the left.
Of course, yes, at some point in the future we will need to go to a new version of Microsoft Office.
If you know all of your Windows updates are current then click Office Update 2003-2007 now to perform the update. A new window will open. Click "download" and follow the short instructions.
General PC Maintenance (PDF)
MS Word version
General PC maintenance. Easy to follow full set of instructions for you to perform general disk maintenance on your PC to keep it running as fast as it can.
PC Running Slow?
Maybe You Need Some Memory
Adding PC Memory (RAM). If the above PC clean up did not help the computer to run faster you could be in need of adding some memory (RAM). Click on "Start", right click on "My Computer", click on "Properties". It will show how much memory the PC has lower right. A PC running XP really needs to have 2GB of RAM. Windows 7 should have 3GB or 4GB. Some new GM (and others) specs say 4GB. Good chance yours has less. because most were ordered new that way several years ago as that was standard then.
If you want to request additional memory to be installed please email Terry Dake giving me how much RAM it has now, how much you would like it to have, and the Dell model number (see power button).
Leave your PC on at night or power off? - the debate (PDF)
actual web article link

Leave your PC on at night or power off? - the debate. A PC needs to be able to reset it's memory from running slow and the only way it can do that is by a power cycle (shut down or do a restart). Also, powering off your PC (unless it is required to be on like a server) also saves the company money by saving electricity (see article) . With about 450+ PCs company wide this can add up each month. Yet, it does need to do Windows updates so if you normally power off at end-of-day pick a day (or weekend) to leave it up for the updates to perform. Please see this link to the left for more information about this complete topic.
Computer Problem?
contact IT (PDF)

MS Word version to use active links
Computer Problems? First....."POWER CYCLE" (off/back on) first. It is amazing how many times that simple step fixes a computer problem. The othere is completely unplug power to the computer for 5 minutes. Another good one if "power cycle" did not fix it.
Sometimes a computer needs some work or is dead. In this case label the computer and ship to the IT department via the Hubler BMG runners. Other times your problem may require an onsite visit by me. Click the link to the left for more details.
Windows Updates (PDF)
MS Word version

How to set Windows to automatically run updates. It is a good idea to let Windows to do the updating for you instead of you trying to remember to run the updates yourself. I suggest you use the link to the left for instructions to turn automatic updates on if they are not already set to do so. Of course be aware of any software compatibility problems if you install Internet Explorer 10 or 11 if you are running some kind of special software not yet certified for IE10 or IE11. Just test it after the install. (see more above in "Internet Explorer11 Upgrade").
Backup! Backup! Backup!
Protect your data!


Backup! Backup! Backup! Protect your data!. Just at the worst possible time your hard drive decides for itself life is dies! Your eyes get big as you look at a big blue screen indicating big problems on the PC. You reboot the computer. Again....big blue screen appears again! Then you realize how many times you thought about backing up your files but you never did. "I will do it next week" you thought to yourself. Now the PC hard drive has crashed. Guess what? Those very important files....the ones you knew you needed to back up....they are now forever gone! Vanished! (in some cases I can save the lost files)
Don't let that be your story!! Use a flash drive (or burn a CD if you have a burner) to back up your important files. Most documents and files reside in "My Documents" but you can save data anywhere you want to, or programs can save data in their designated folders, so make sure to get everything you need to save. If using Outlook/Outlook Express (or other local email programs) go to File, Import/Export, and create a backup saving it in "My Documents". Save your address book too.
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